alignment, therapeutics, and lots of fun

Why Workshops?

Workshops offer an opportunity to delve deeper into certain aspects of your practice. They give you space and time to explore the connections between alignment principles and anatomy, to focus on specific topics within your practice or a group of asanas, e.g. arm balances. Workshops are also a good format to approach and explore more complex asanas as well as to work therapeutically.

Workshop Offers

Spine First

What does it mean to stabilize your spine and to keep it “neutral”? Why is that important? Any how do we practice this in yoga? 

In this workshop, you learn important mechanisms for protecting and stabilizing your spine — on the mat, during a workout, in everyday life.

next date: tba / upon request


Strong Shoulders, Relaxed Nack

How can I strengthen my shoulders? And why do my back and neck benefit from that?

In everyday life as well as in many sports (e.g. desk work, cycling, climbing) we constantly engage certain muscle groups. Yoga can help us keep the balance. Learn to mobilize and strengthen your shoulders, to open your heart and keep you neck relaxed.

next date: tba / upon request 

Kick Up to Handstand

You wanna learn to kick up to handstand or improve your balance? 
Then come and join me!

  • practice the foundation
  • learn to kick up
  • find your balance

next date: tba / upon request

Hip Hip Hurray!

Why can hip openers help prevent knee and back problems? — In our daily lives, we constantly engage and shorten certain muscle groups. Therapeutic yoga for the hips can help to balance these influences. Learn to align and mobilize your hips and practice your motor control.


next date: tba / upon request


Feet off the ground — get flying!

We play around with variations of crows, pigeons, splits, fireflies and forearm stands. Come and have fun!

next date: tba / upon request

Backbending Safely

You want to flip your dog around or get into full wheel? Or maybe you even want to combine both? Let’s play with backbends!

  • learn to stabilize your spine
  • explore variations
  • play with transitions

next date: tba / upon request