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What is ViryaLila Yoga?

“Virya” means power, courage, and strength. “Lila” is the “game of the divine”. ViryaLila Yoga is powerful, precise and yet playful yoga, which allows you can discover the variety in movement, gain strength and awaken your hidden potential. It invites you to explore your body and the world around you, creates a sense of achievement and inspires our lives. It teaches us to embrace the challenges fo life with courage, strength, and creativity.

In my lessons you will learn important alignment principles, practice balance and coordination, and train both strength and flexibility alike. We combine classic asana practice with aspects of other schools of movement such as Feldenkrais, functional training, myofascial release, and progressive muscle relaxation. Mantras, mudras and pranayama enrich our practice on another dimension. Much of what we practice on the mat can be transferred to everyday life  not just physically. Come and get inspired!


about me

My name is Lena. I am a certified yoga teacher (540h yoga alliance, ZPP accredited). For me, yoga means freeing ourselves from rigid patterns and discovering our hidden potential. No matter whether I practice Hatha, Power Vinyasa Flow, Asthanga, Acro or Yin Yoga: the combination of movement, breathing and philosophy has something magical for me. I am particularly fascinated by the biomechanics of our body and the life-affirming approach of Tantric philosophy.

The most influential teachers on my yoga path include Jordan Bloom, Thomas Bessel, Noah Mazé, Rocky Heron and Michael J. Stewart.


Teaching Offers

Drop Ins / Open Classes

In my open classes, I usually teach a mix of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. In alignment classes, we pracitce important key movements to work towards specific asanas.

Drop by:

I’m new to Bayreuth. Previously, I taught in Berlin @ ElixiaMeinYogaMoabit, Sinnlicht, Yoga im ParkYogaCircle Berlin

For details also check my instagram and facebook page.


Yoga for Health

Learn the foundations of a health-promoting yoga practice in my certified prevention courses!

  • closed course
  • small groups (6 to 15 people)
  • 8 classes
  • suited for beginners
  • subsidized by your health insurance
  • English courses upon request

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You want to find out why hip mobility can prevent back or knee problems?

You always wanted to know what keeping your spine “in neutral” is all about or how to safely practice backbends?

You want to learn to kick up to handstand or play around with other arm balances?

Then join me for one of my workshops!

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Business Yoga

Let’s shake off the tension accumulated during long desk days!

I offer programs tailored to your needs and the space availble: 30 minutes of gentle yoga in the office (no change of clothes needed) are just as possible as 60 minutes of intensive practice on the mat. Students of all ages and experience levels are welcome. Bilingual classes (German and English) are possible.

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One on One

An hour entirely for yourself with a teacher’s undivided attention gives you an fantastic opportunity to enrich your yoga practice. You can choose, e.g., to practice alignment in your asana, get moving in a sweatty flow, or even work therapeutically. We can practice in the studio, outdoors or at your home.

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multi-lingual Yoga

I offer yoga classes in German and English as well as bilingual classes (German and English).

The same applies to workshops, events, business yoga, and individual sessions, of course.

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